Mr. Shingis Zhumagali



E-Mail:shingis.zhumagali 'at' nu.edu.kz
Phone:+7 (7172) 70 1 91 10

Shingis Zhumagali is a Junior Chemistry Student in School of Science and Technologies. 

Before Nazarbayev University, he graduated from Kazakh-Turkish High school in Semey, East Kazakhstan. In high school Shingis participated in Scientific Olympiads and was interested in Organic Chemistry field. 

Since April 2014, he has been working in Lam Group on the following project:  “Electrochemical Activation of Aromatic Acids: “New Way of Access to Benzoyloxy Radicals” and “Electrochemical Lactonization of ortho-allylbenzoic acids”.

Shingis has interest in all fields of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, and planning to get Masters and PhD in Germany.